Welcome to the Business Excellence Awards, presented by Be.Bendigo and Bendigo Bank.

Congratulations to McKean McGregor for winning the 2019 Bendigo Bank Business of the Year Award! A special thank you to our MC, Bruce Roberts, Deakin University supporting our live camera ‘Deakin Cam’, with thanks to Briana Cowan and our event hosts at the All Seasons Resort Hotel and Official Transport Partner, Bendigo Ford. With support from PowerAV, Libertine Florist, Hebron Films and Justin & Jim Photography, the night was glamorous and overwhelmingly successful.

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A new search for business excellence begins with you and your business. Is this year the year that we will see your business stand out as Business of the Year?

The 2020 Business Excellence Awards are presented by Be.Bendigo and Bendigo Bank.

Be.Bendigo drives connections, develops leadership and business capacity for a stronger community and more prosperous local economy. It’s vision is that successful business creates a vibrant Greater Bendigo. Now in it’s fourth year as Major Partner and running the awards program, Be.Bendigo continues to engage with the business community through events, development programs and communications. 

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With over 250 members and partners from the Greater Bendigo business community, Be.Bendigo is the place for business.
As Australia’s 5th largest retail bank, Bendigo Bank provide their 1.6 million customers with competitive products, innovative service and the ability to bank with confidence all over the world. Bendigo Bank gives back to our communities and holds true to it’s values. As the better big bank, Bendigo Bank is delighted to support Greater Bendigo businesses as the Major Partner of the 2019 Business Excellence Awards.

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Congratulations McKean McGregor!

Winner 2019 Bendigo Bank Business of the Year Award.


The judges said McKean McGregor is a stand-out business that’s adapted with professionalism, precision and with an unwavering humble respect and deep understanding of customers. McKean McGregor gets its hands dirty, but somehow able to have all the polish of a world class firm and it is evident in brand, staff and ethos.