Helpful tips and hints

We’re delighted you want to participate in the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards.

This page includes some helpful tips that will help you with your participation in the awards program.

Getting started

  1. Start early – choose the category that best suits you, and check the entry criteria to make sure you are eligible.
  2. Download the PDF copy of the questions, and share them with your team, or trusted supporters to help you.
  3. Attend the applicants workshop session and ask any questions
  4. Prepare your draft application in word or in a saved document file before you transfer it into the digital entry form online for safekeeping
  5. Start rough, and brainstorm ideas for each question first.
  6. Ask for clarification if you need it, contact the Awards support team at

Preparing your answers

  1. Each question has a 300 word limit. Less is more when answering, be concise, use your words wisely and don’t waffle.
  2. Write more than you need, then edit and refine.
  3. Show your passion, but back it up with evidence. This could be data, examples, solving problems, case studies, or comparisons.
  4. Make sure you address the key criteria or information that the question is asking for. Use the question explainer to clarify, and ensure your response addresses what the question is asking.
  5. Don’t be scared by the size of the application! This is a great opportunity to really look at your business and reflect on what you have achieved and where you might need to spend more time and attention.
  6. Make it a team effort!  Ask others around you for their input on what they think you do well, or what are good examples to use.
  7. Don’t leave it until last minute – start small, begin with dot points and ideas, and keep adding more detail and examples, refining at the end.
  8. Make time to finalise and submit your online application, with time to spare!

What are the judges looking for?

  1. A clear and concise insight into your business or role.
  2. How you have addressed and solved challenges, problems or needs.
  3. Why Bendigo and the community is better off because of what you do.

Helpful tips for finalists

  1. Make sure you are available to attend the in-person interviews at the dates noted (specific times will be sent to each finalist directly).
  2. Plan in advance what you would like to tell the judges, was there anything from the written application that you want to elaborate on, or you think they should know?
  3. Use presentation tools or samples of work to help the judges to understand more about you.  This could be a presentation, printed materials, images, samples of products, testimonials or stories.
  4. Be prepared!
Helpful tips and hints